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Dear visitor remove your shoes, leave them at the door of this journey; enter barefoot following the traces of stories, people, territories; this is a place of respect that speaks of equality, of memory, of transmission…

Come, let’s move together hand by hand with the children of Fès, while we paint our feet with names and rainbows, along a map made of emotions that reaches the children of San Nicolò d’Arcidano, the Sardinian communities in Marseilles, Alessandro and his family, the lost rights, the rediscovered and defended ones at the cost of life, the integration, the cultures that intertwine above the warp of sound geographies. Up and down the Mediterranean to self-determine, to be happy. Under the eye of Rosi Giua, who has made a story out of this experience, the great images run through us, the vibrant sounds of Simone Dulcis accompany the steps; the videos are the synthesis of the research and the fundamental connections, constructing a network that suggests the way; the projects of Medu on tortures in Libya, the ephemeral cardboard houses in the centre of Brussels, the project Overlap that investigates the cultural biology of migratory phenomena. Art counterpoint with the documentary material: the installation of Monica Lugas is a requiem of colourful and lively fabrics, Lea Gramsdorff’s nautical card a timeless epic.

Efisio Carbone

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